Regional VP Elections

This year the East Central, West, West Central and Southwest Regions are on rotation to elect new Regional Vice Presidents and Alternate Vice Presidents.  This year's election process will be facilitated electronically.  Serving as a Regional Vice President is a large responsibility and the roles and responsibilities are briefly outlined below.  This email is lengthy but please read it carefully to understand the responsibilities, nominations process and election of regional representatives. 

Roles and Responsibilities

As a board member of the North Carolina Agriculture Teachers Association (NCATA), you will actively engage in strategic and futuristic thinking, contributing to long-range planning exercises that shape the future of agricultural education in the state. Your role extends to addressing and setting policies, actively participating in their development and implementation to guide the association effectively. Additionally, you will play a pivotal role in financial stewardship, contributing to the development and management of the NCATA budget.

Exemplifying leadership qualities, you are expected to serve as a role model for fellow agriculture teachers, delivering an exemplary agricultural education/FFA program for students. Your commitment to communication, both internal and external, is essential. Actively listening and openly sharing information with members and partners fosters a transparent and collaborative environment.

As a board member, you are accountable to the members of the NCATA, adopting a servant-leader approach. Upholding professionalism is paramount, requiring ethical and moral conduct in your capacity as an NCATA leader. Furthermore, the commitment to being a lifelong learner is crucial, as seeking knowledge enables you to provide the best possible leadership for the members you serve. Your role encompasses each of these responsibilities, collectively contributing to the growth and success of the NCATA and the advancement of agricultural education in North Carolina.

Elections Process

This years election of Regional Vice Presidents and Alternate Vice Presidents for the East Central, West, West Central and Southwest Regions will occur in a two phase process outlined below.

Phase I: Nominations (March 4th - 7th, 2024)

This year, you can either self-nominate or nominate someone in your region whom you believe to be a qualified candidate (has been teaching for more than 3 years for eligibility, based upon our constitution).  This nomination requires a brief statement “why you want to serve as a regional vice president” or “why you believe this person to be a quality candidate for regional vice president”.  Please keep these responses to less than 300 characters.

Those who are nominated will be contacted individually to accept the nomination and placed on the final ballot. Self nominations will imply your acceptance.

Please nominate for your region using this ballot

Phase II: Elections (Regional In-Service + 24 hours)

Final ballots will be created with those members who accept the nomination.  The election will be held beginning on the day of your regional in-service and close the following day at 5:00pm.

Each Regional NCATA Member will be allowed to vote once by selecting one candidate from the ballot.  The nominee who receives the most votes will be the Regional Vice-President for the 2024-2026 Term and the person who receives the 2nd highest votes will serve as the Regional Alternate Vice President from 2024-2026.  Those elected will be contacted following the election. 

If you have any questions regarding the election process for Regional Vice-Presidents please contact