Wayne Proffitt Memorial Benevolence Fund

The NCATA Benevolence Fund was established in the 1950's as the NCATA Widow's Fund with the first payment occurring in 1951. It was established through the efforts of H.G. Johnson and "Dad" Dunham.

The original purpose of the Benevolence Fund was to provide a small insurance policy for the spouses of agriculture teachers. The first assessment was $3 with an increase to $5 occurring in 1959. The current assessment fee was increased to $10 in 2009.

There have been several treasurers of the NCATA Benevolence Fund: Fred Hunt, Wayne Proffitt, Bill Fouts, Gwen Clark, and David Cress. The current treasurer is Janet Waddell. During the 2010 NCATA meeting, the members unanimously voted to change the name of the Widow's Fund to the Wayne Proffitt Benevolence Fund. Mr. Proffitt managed this program for many years and now his daughter, Janet, continues his legacy of service.

The Benevolence Fund provides financial assistance for the beneficiaries of its members. New members are needed to continue this service to our fellow teachers. On average, the total cost of the assessments per year ranges from $60 to $100. These assessments may be paid in advance. What better way to spend this money than on the teachers in our profession!

Membership Guidelines

1.  Must be a member of NCATA (active, associate, or retired).

2.  Must pay a $10 advance assessment upon joining.

3.  Must pay a $10 assessment to the Benevolence Fund upon receiving notification of the death of a member by the secretary/treasurer.

4.  Any member who has failed to pay the $10 assessment in one or more cases may be reinstated on the Benevolence Fund upon payment of all back assessments.

5.  The amount paid to the beneficiary is based on membership in the Benevolence Fund and set by the NCATA Board of Directors.  At present, payment to the beneficiary is $2000.

6.  In the event a member owes over $100, payment will not be made to their beneficiary upon their death.

For more information please contact Janet Waddell, Secretary/Treasurer of the WPMBF.